Floorsanding: why you should consider it

Chances are that you have a wooden floor and have gotten it properly polished. As time passes, due to wear and tear, the shiny new look of polish, be it from wax or other polishes, fades. However much the owner of a timber flooring tries to keep it new, be it from moving around furniture or just simple wear and tear by walking on it, the look of it changes. This is where floor sanding comes in, it is a special treatment for your floor, which erodes the top layer of wooden flooring by using a grainy surface rotated at high speeds and then revealing the layer underneath it.

This is especially going to boost the looks of a floor if the floor has been used for quite a while. It will make your floor look new and remove the signs of wear and tear. Also, when a floor loses its protective polish, it can chip out, and splinters can get into the feet of a person, which can be especially harmful if children are around. The sturdiness of a floor can also increase after floor sanding. If you are planning to sell your house, this can increase its value by a lot when it enhances the look and feel. Now that we know what floor sanding does for your timber flooring let’s see how professionals do it and how they can be doing it for your floor sanding.


The professional sanding machinery and how it is done

Drum sanding machines are the most common machinery used when floor sanding is done. The ones which companies/agencies use for commercial purposes is the 220-watt version. The 220-watt drum sanding machine usually gets through the top player very quickly due to its additional power and rpm.

Now the preparation of sanding comes in.

  • Firstly, the nails which protrude through the boards are hammered down as it can be pretty harmful to the drum sanding machine, or in some cases, the adhesive used in carpets can also make it impossible to sand.
  • The sanding begins with the least coarse sandpaper, and gradually, the process starts including the coarser sandpapers after. Normally when floors are in the condition to need sanding, it needs multiple grit coarse sandpapers and needs to be done multiple times for the same spot.
  • Making sure that the height of the floor remains the same is crucial and this is done by using high grit for higher spots and low grit for the lower spots. The grit of the sandpaper used is up to the professional but is usually around 100-150 grit.


After this is done, the sanding leaves the floor exposed. So to get it back to its former glory, it is polished back. This now makes the floor get its new look back.


Choose the right floor sanding company

If you are considering getting floor sanding done to your floors, it might be best to ask a professional to do it for you. Australia has many companies who offer the perfect floor sanding or polishing done to your floors. Choosing the agency/company offering the latest machinery to do the work and having the most experienced professionals at a relatively cheap price is going to go well on both your pocket and your experience. When having the person over for the job, trust him and be amazed after it is done as your floor looks brand new. We suggest that you contact the experts at MJS Floorsanding in Brisbane.