Apprenticeships are offered by thousands of employers ranging from large business corporations to small businesses. It is necessary to consider all the career options which are opened for you and make an informed decision based upon your own skills and level of interest.

What makes the right apprenticeship incentive program?

As an apprentice, you would be offered training and study programs which word help you polish your skills and provide you with the right kind of exposure. There are several benefits of such training programs. The number one being that it would offer you a personalised experience and working for a smaller business allows you to create strong working relationships with your colleagues and mentors. You would get to learn a variety of things because of the hands on experience across different roles. And it is also a good opportunity to stand out and show your progress.

On the other hand if you are considering getting an apprenticeship with the larger employer it would provide you with ample opportunity to relocate and can also offer you recruitment processes. You would get an opportunity to work with similar like-minded individuals and having a recognised employer on a CV is a great way of starting your career.

When looking for an apprentice program you must consider the job description and the advertisement to see what kind of experience the training will offer you. You might also need to research about the kind of training which is being provided and whether it is classroom base learning or on the job learning.

Most apprentices also get employee benefits and stipend which would allow them to make the most of the training process. Young students can apply for an apprenticeship especially if they feel that they could learn well from a training program. As an apprentice you would get several networking opportunities while working for different employers and you can also get personal support from your mentors. There are also several social benefits of enrolling in these programs and you also get discounts and employee perks.

Guidelines for apprenticeship incentive programs

Apprenticeship incentive programs are designed to encourage employers to consider hiring trainees and provide them free of cost training. These programs help boost the economic wellbeing and can also improve the productivity and the social well-being of the workers. These programs can help maintain a skilled workforce it can help connect individuals to employers who are seeking hard working and right members to join the team. The apprentices are offered training in new and emerging industries especially those where the skills might be considered to be short and which need to be worked upon.

However it needs to be kept in mind that the training contract signed by the apprentice is a legally binding agreement between them and their employer. Once the contract has been signed the parties need to remain within the specified contract.

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